Ariana Grande Divorce

Ariana Grande Divorce: Officially Split from Dalton Gomez – What Her Real-Estate Agent Ex-Husband Received According to Prenup

Ariana Grande’s divorce from her husband Dalton Gomez was finalized this week, officially dissolving the marriage after less than three years. According to court documents, the Ariana Grande Divorce was amicable and proceeded smoothly due to a prenuptial agreement signed by the former couple.

What the Court Documents Revealed About the Ariana Grande Divorce Settlement

A judge in a Los Angeles Superior Court granted the Ariana Grande Divorce on Tuesday after the pair separated over a year ago in January 2023. As there were no children involved and assets had been covered in their prenup, the divorce was finalized quickly and cleanly.

Per the terms of the settlement agreed upon last October, Ariana Grande is ordered to make a one-time payment of $1.25 million to her ex-husband Dalton Gomez. She will also pay up to $25,000 towards his attorney fees. Gomez will receive half the profits from the sale of the house they jointly owned in Los Angeles. No future alimony was included in the agreement.

Background on Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez’s Relationship and Marriage

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez began dating in January 2020 shortly before COVID-19 lockdowns started. They quarantined together during the early days of the pandemic. By May 2020, they had publicly confirmed their relationship by appearing in the music video for the charity single “Stuck with U” with Justin Bieber.

After dating for around a year and a half, Ariana Grande announced their engagement in December 2020. The pair tied the knot in a small private ceremony at Grande’s Montecito home in May 2021. The marriage lasted under three years before the Ariana Grande Divorce was filed last September.

What Her Real Estate Agent Ex-Husband Dalton Gomez Received in Their Prenup

Dalton Gomez has worked in the luxury real estate industry for over a decade. His experience undoubtedly helped in the negotiation of the prenuptial agreement with Grande before their marriage.

Celebrity marriages without prenups can result in very costly divorces, like Arnold Schwarzenegger paying his ex-wife Maria Shriver an estimated $250-375 million in their divorce settlement. MacKenzie Scott also received a multi-billion dollar share of Amazon in her divorce from Jeff Bezos due to no prenup.

In contrast, the prenup arrangement between Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez allowed for an amicable and financially prudent [Ariana Grande Divorce]. Beyond the one-off payment and legal fees, Gomez did not receive any ongoing alimony or large lump sums. He has already built up his own successful real estate career independently of Grande as well.

Speculation About Ariana Grande’s Relationships Post-Divorce

Rumours swirled last year about Ariana Grande being romantically linked to her “Wicked” co-star Ethan Slater before her separation from Gomez was officially public knowledge. Neither party has commented on whether there was any overlap or infidelity involved.

Grande seems to have channelled the emotions from her relationships with both Gomez and potentially Slater into her recently-released seventh album “Eternal Sunshine.” Fans have theorized some of the lyrics reference her past partners and experiences with love and heartbreak.

Ariana Grande’s Net Worth and Future Projects Post-Divorce

Ariana Grande was reported to have a net worth of $72 million as of 2020 according to Forbes. Other estimates put her current fortune at $240 million. Either way, the singer-songwriter has built a major wealth independent of both Gomez and Slater in her music career.

Upcoming, Grande is set to star as Glinda in the film adaptation of “Wicked” alongside Cynthia Erivo. She continues to tour and release chart-topping albums as well. The Ariana Grande Divorce settlement ensures a clean personal break as she moves forward professionally.

In dissolving the Ariana Grande Divorce through open communication and a prenuptial agreement, both Grande and Gomez appear ready to close this chapter cordially. Grande can fully focus on upcoming acting and music ventures while Gomez remains involved in real estate. Fans wish them both the best after nonetheless tumultuous months of relationship changes.

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