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‘Anybody But You’ Took the Leads for Rom-Com Season at the Global Box Office

Romantic comedies have seen a resurgence lately, but none have captured the audience’s hearts quite like Anybody But You. The film starring Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney has proven to be a surprise hit, taking the lead at the global box office and becoming one of the highest-grossing R-rated rom-coms in a decade.

Anybody But You defied expectations by earning $126.6 million globally so far. It continued its strong performance this past weekend by bringing in $4.8 million domestically across 2,885 locations. That brings its total domestic gross to $71.2 million as of Sunday, an impressive result for an R-rated rom-com.

Internationally, the movie earned $14.2 million this past weekend. That brings its international total to $55.4 million. The viral rom-com sensation saw a remarkable 3% increase overseas from the previous weekend, showing its staying power. Anybody But You is currently screening in over 6,000 theaters across 48 international markets.

In Italy, Anybody But You had an impressive debut of $1.2 million. That marked the biggest rom-com opening in Italy since 2016 and set a new record for director Will Gluck. Germany saw a 17% increase in its second weekend, bringing in $2.5 million for a local total of $5.6 million. The movie climbed to the top spot in Mexico in its second weekend, increasing 18% to $1.6 million for a cumulative of $3.6 million.

The UK contributed $1 million in the movie’s fifth weekend, totaling $10.6 million there so far. The movie held the top spot in Australia, where the film is set, for the fifth straight weekend. It brought in $980,000, down just 13%, for an Australian total of $12.3 million.

Anybody But You’s Origin and Casting

Anybody But You is loosely based on Shakespeare’s classic comedy Much Ado About Nothing. The film is directed by Will Gluck, known for Easy A and Friends with Benefits. Gluck teamed up once again with screenwriter Keith Merryman.

Gluck and Merryman decided to adapt the Shakespeare play into a modern setting. They flipped the genders of the two lead roles, envisioning a strong female lead opposite the usual romantic comedy male protagonist.

Movie stars Sydney Sweeney of Euphoria fame as the sharp-tongued Beatrice. Sweeney embraced the chance to lead a studio rom-com. Opposite her, Glen Powell plays the charming yet arrogant Benedick.

Powell previously worked with director Will Gluck on Set It Up. His natural charisma brought levity to the updated character. Breakout star Darren Barnet, known from Never Have I Ever, also joined the cast as Claudio.

Comedic Mishaps Set Up the Romance

In Anybody But You, Sweeney’s Beatrice has no interest in love. She spars constantly with Powell’s Benedick, a commitment-phobic ladies’ man. Their friends and family scheme to push the pair together.

Much of the comedy springs from the duo’s disdain for each other. Powell and Sweeney showcase their comedic chops through constant bickering. Of course, the spark between them is clear.

This movie sets up clever scenarios to force Beatrice and Benedick together. Their friends trick each other into thinking the other secretly loves them. As a result, they start viewing each other in a new light.

The hilarious miscommunications and mishaps set the stage for an unlikely romance. Fans have responded to the movie’s adept blend of humor and heart.

The Future of Romantic Comedies

Anybody But You’s runaway success is great news for the romantic comedy genre. It signals that audiences are eager for well-crafted, smartly written rom-coms with modern sensibilities.

The R-rated film has already outperformed recent PG-13 rom-com hits like The Lost City and Ticket to Paradise. Other studios are sure to green-light more adult-oriented romantic comedies to capitalize on the trend.

At the same time, the strong international box office for Anybody But You shows that different cultures embrace rom-com storytelling. More US productions may look to incorporate overseas settings and actors.

While remakes and adaptations are common in Hollywood, Anybody But You hit the right notes by putting a fresh spin on a classic. The recent slate of romantic comedies have mined audience nostalgia. This film points a way forward with original concepts.

One question is whether Sweeney and Powell can replicate their on-screen chemistry in a sequel. Their comedic rivalry and repartee fueled the story. Now that the characters are together, maintaining that spark will be key.

Regardless, thanks to Anybody But You, romantic comedies are back on top in Hollywood. More star-driven, R-rated romps that blend heart and humor are likely just around the corner.

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