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Alto Knights Release Date , Trailer , Cast ,Story and Many more

An exciting new mafia movie called Alto Knights is set to hit theatres later this year. With an impressive cast and crew, Alto Knights promises to be one of the biggest gangster films in recent years. Here is everything you need to know so far about Alto Knights – from the release date, trailer, cast, plot and more!

Alto Knights Release Date

Alto Knights will be released nationwide on Friday, November 15, 2024. The movie was originally supposed to come out earlier in February 2024. However, the producers decided to push the release date back to November instead. This gives them more time to perfect the movie’s final editing, visual effects, music and sound.

Fans may have to wait a few extra months, but it’s sure to be worth it! Mark your calendars for November 15, 2024, when Alto Knights hits theaters across the country.

Alto Knights Trailer

Unfortunately, there is no full trailer yet. The movie only wrapped up filming earlier this year. So it will likely be a little while before we get to see official preview footage.

However, a few first teasers have been revealed showcasing stars Robert De Niro and Debra Messing. Based on these exclusive images, it looks like Alto Knights will have all the glitz and glamour of a classic gangster flick. Fans are eager to see trailer footage, which will surely arrive later this year as the release date approaches.

Alto Knights Cast Led By De Niro

One of the biggest draws of Alto Knights is its star-studded cast. Legendary actor Robert De Niro leads the way, once again immersing himself in the world of organized crime. This will mark De Niro’s fourth movie playing a mafia character after Goodfellas, Casino and The Irishman.

De Niro is taking on a challenging dual role in Alto Knights, portraying both Vito Genovese and Frank Costello – two real-life mob bosses from the 1950s. Actress Debra Messing also features as Costello’s wife. Rounding out the cast are Kathrine Narducci and Cosmo Jarvis in supporting roles.

With De Niro leading an experienced ensemble, the acting in movie is sure to impress.

Alto Knights Plot Based on True Mob Rivalry

Alto Knights takes inspiration from actual historical events. The plot focuses on the bitter rivalry between prominent Italian American gangsters Vito Genovese and Frank Costello in 1950s New York.

Genovese and Costello ran two separate mafia empires that controlled much of the city’s organized crime. The two mob kingpins became bitter enemies warring for power and influence.

In 1957, Genovese even attempted to assassinate Costello. Although he survived, Costello was injured enough that he tried to retire from the mafia after the botched hit.

Alto Knights will dramatize this real-life clash between Genovese and Costello at the height of their criminal power. With De Niro playing both roles, it’s sure to make for intense drama and scorching action sequences.

Alto Knights Director Barry Levinson Helms Production

Bringing this gritty mob tale to life is acclaimed director Barry Levinson. He is best known for Oscar-winning classics like Rain Man and Bugsy. Levinson has extensive experience crafting compelling dramas and criminal underworld stories.

Given his impressive track record, movie is in very capable directorial hands under Levinson’s steady guidance. He has assembled a talented crew behind the camera as well, including cinematographer Dante Spinotti and writer Nicholas Pileggi.

With Levinson orchestrating production, the look, feel and tone of Alto Knights should live up to its mob movie pedigree. Fans can expect an authentic and hard-hitting crime saga.


From its A-list cast to its intense storyline, movie has all the elements of an instant gangster movie hit. Robert De Niro and Barry Levinson leading the way guarantees this will be a mafia flick done right.

Although fans have to wait until November 15, 2024, the extended build-up only raises anticipation movie. All signs point to it being one of the most gripping and star-studded mob films in recent memory.

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