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Alien Romulus Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot and Everything We Know

Sci-fi and horror fans get excited! A terrifying new Alien Romulus movie is invading theatres this summer. The latest chapter in the iconic Alien franchise promises to deliver all the pulse-pounding action and hair-raising scares its predecessors are known for when it arrives on August 16, 2024.

Alien Romulus Release Date

As mentioned above, movie hits the big screen on August 16, 2024. The movie was originally set up at Hulu. But Disney recently shifted it to a theatrical release as part of its 2024 calendar.

Fans who love to watch horror movies have been waiting since 2017’s Alien: Covenant for their next fix of Xenomorph action. Luckily, the summer debut means the wait is nearly over to see the iconic aliens back on the prowl.

Alien Romulus Cast

This movie features a cast packed with up-and-comers rather than established stars. Cailee Spaeny, who led 2023 awards contender Priscilla, snagged the lead role. David Jonsson of Industry fame also joins the call sheet with Shadow and Bone’s Archie Renaux.

Other cast members include Morbius actor Spike Fearn, Isabela Merced of Instant Family, and newcomer Aileen Wu. So, while not household names yet, these young talents should breathe new life into the decades-old franchise.

Alien Romulus Plot

Specific Alien Romulus plot details remain mostly under wraps. The basic storyline involves a group of youths encountering the deadly Xenomorph creatures on a distant planet. That slim synopsis alone should have both nostalgic and fresh appeal.

We know this movie is considered a standalone entry between Scott’s 1979 original Alien and James Cameron’s 1986 follow-up Aliens The title hints, that it may focus more on the aliens rather than Ripley or the Weyland Corporation.

Alien Romulus Trailer

Unfortunately, no Alien Romulus trailer or footage exists yet. The film only wrapped in principal photography in July 2023. But with its summer release fast approaching, fans will get a first look teaser soon!

Alien Romulus Director

Uruguayan filmmaker Fede Álvarez is sitting in the director’s chair for this movie. Álvarez made a name for himself with the 2013 horror flick Evil Dead. He also helmed the thrillers Don’t Breathe and The Girl in the Spider’s Web. So expect Alien Romulus to boast Alvarez’s trademark intensity and nerve-shredding set pieces.

What Else Should We Know About Alien Romulus?

Here are some additional details to prepare you for the creepy new Alien voyage: 

  • Ridley Scott, a veteran overseer of Alien, serves as a producer for Alien Romulus. So, the essence of the franchise is still there. 
  • There is a better time to expect Sigourney Weaver’s iconic heroine Ellen Ripley. Ripley initiates this quest. 
  • The working name “Harvest” was used while developing Alien Romulus. Even just the title raises dark possibilities! 
  • The newest instalment of Alien was originally scheduled to debut on Hulu but was ultimately moved up to a theatrical release. 
  • Director Fede Alvarez assured San Diego Comic-Con 2022 fans that his Alien Romulus “honours the legacy” while delivering new scares.

Why Should Fans Be Excited For Alien Romulus?

In today’s era of remakes and legacyquels, this movie is a rare original entry in a classic series. It also marks the proper return of the sci-fi/horror franchise to theatres after too long away.

Early positive buzz suggests Alvarez will deliver on the core elements that make Alien movies special: atmospheric tension, body horror scares, and acid-dripping monsters that stick with you long after leaving the theatre. Alien Romulus also comes on the heels of Prey’s success, indicating franchises can still thrive by embracing new directions.

So mark those calendars for August 16! Everything from the creepy title to the rising young cast hints that movie will honour tradition while evolving the series. And leave us sleeping with one eye open, thanks to the perfect summer nightmare.

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