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The iconic 2004 teen comedy Mean Girls is returning to theaters in 2024 with an all-new cast and creative team. This updated take on the story of high school clique drama will feature new performers tackling the iconic roles of Cady, Regina, and the rest of the Mean Girls cast.

From the release date to the soundtrack and more, here’s everything you need to know about the 2024 revival of Mean Girls on the big screen.

Release Date Set for January 2024

After much anticipation, Mean Girls will hit theaters on January 17, 2024. The new movie is arriving just in time to kick off a big year at the cinema.

Fans can mark their calendars to see the film on the big screen at their local movie theaters starting on January 17. Tickets are already on sale at major cinema chains.

Mean Girls Cast Brings Fresh Take on Iconic Roles

The 2024 Mean Girls cast features a new generation of talent taking on the classic characters. Australian actress Angourie Rice stars as Cady Heron, the nice new student who gets swept up in the toxic girl world of North Shore High School.

Reneé Rapp tackles the role of queen bee Regina George. Rapp starred as Regina in the Broadway musical adaptation of Mean Girls, so she’s perfect to reprise that vicious villainess role.

The Mean Girls cast is rounded out by Bebe Wood as Gretchen and Avantika Vandanapu as Karen, Regina’s sidekick “Plastics” friends. The grown-ups will be played by comedic pros like Tina Fey, Jon Hamm, and Tim Meadows.

Plot Follows Familiar Beats of the Original

The 2024 Mean Girls plot remains similar to the 2004 original movie. It centers around good girl Cady navigating the clique-filled ecosystem of North Shore High School after growing up abroad.

She first befriends the artsy outcasts, Janis and Damian. But the temptation of popularity soon pulls Cady into the orbit of the notorious mean girl pack “The Plastics,” led by tyrannical Regina George.

As Cady journeys deeper into the sinister social politics of high school, tensions escalate within the fractured friendships. The story highlights the hazards of gossip, rumors, and betrayal among teenagers.

Fans can expect similar themes of wanting to fit in and claiming social status at the cost of integrity. The new film will revisit all the iconic scenes from girls getting hit by buses to disastrous house parties. But there will likely be modern updates reflecting how technology has changed teen dynamics.

Trailer Shows Off New Cast’s Chemistry

The Mean Girls trailer showcases how the new Mean Girls cast has made the roles their own. Angourie Rice captures Cady’s endearing innocence. Reneé Rapp nails Regina’s venomous sneer. And the supporting stars like Bebe Wood and Avantika Vandanapu feel authentic as impressionable followers.

Standout moments include Cady’s Halloween costume, the Burn Bookmaking appearance, and Regina insulting Cady’s looks. The trailer proves the 2024 Mean Girls cast has recaptured the comedy and chemistry that made the first film iconic. Fans are in for a nostalgic treat.

Original Movie’s Stars Could Make Cameos

An exciting rumor suggests stars from the 2004 Mean Girls may make cameo appearances in the new sequel. Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried, and other cast members have expressed interest in returning.

It would be amazing to see the likes of Regina George from the original film interact with her younger counterpart played by Reneé Rapp. Any cameo from the OG Mean Girls cast members would make fans cheer with delight.

Since the new Mean Girls movie is adapted from the Broadway musical version, fans can expect the soundtrack to feature songs from the stage production.

The musical numbers were written by composer Jeff Richmond and lyricist Nell Benjamin. Standout tracks that could be cut include “Apex Predator,” “World Burn” and “Meet the Plastics.” The soundtrack will recreate the Broadway experience.

Big Names Like Tina Fey Lead Adult Cast

While the teens are played by fresh talent, comedy veterans fill the adult roles in Mean Girls. Saturday Night Live legend Tina Fey, who wrote the original movie and stage musical, returns as math teacher Ms. Norbury.

Additional grown-up cast members include Mad Men’s Jon Hamm as Coach Carr and The Office’s Jenna Fischer as Cady’s mom. With pros like Tim Meadows back as the principal, the adults will provide hilarious supporting turns.

Where to Watch the New Mean Girls Movie

Movie fans can catch the new Mean Girls by heading to their local theater on January 17, 2024. It will be playing nationwide on the big screen at all major cinema chains.

The teen comedy should play well with large crowds laughing together at the funny antics. There’s no better place to experience the heir to the 2004 classic than on the giant movie theater screen with perfect sound.

So mark those calendars for January 17, round up your friends, and get ready to fully immerse yourself in the funny, biting, and socially astute world of the new Mean Girls. It’s sure to delight fans of the original cult favorite.

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