Indian Roadmaster Elite

2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite:Revealed: Exclusive First Look

Indian Motorcycle has just revealed its newest limited edition model, the 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite. This premium touring bike features a custom paint job and top-of-the-line accessories. Only 350 units of the Indian Roadmaster Elite will be produced, making this a very exclusive motorcycle.

The Indian Roadmaster Elite stands out thanks to its unique tri-tone paint scheme that pays homage to the classic 1904 Indian Camelback, the first Indian motorcycle to use the iconic Indian red colour. The paint on each Indian Roadmaster Elite takes over 24 hours to complete and uses a specialized candy finish with hand-painted pinstriping in Championship Gold.

What Makes the 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite Special?

The Indian Roadmaster Elite is more than just a fancy paint job. It comes loaded with high-end components to provide an ultra-premium touring experience.

Key features include:

  • Heated and cooled seat with custom stitching
  • 12-speaker audio system with LED  lighting
  • Gloss black painted dash
  • Saddlebag spotlights
  • Polished floorboards
  • Tinted windscreen
  • Backlit handlebar controls
  • Black passenger armrests
  • 10-spoke machined wheels

The Indian Roadmaster Elite also stands apart through bespoke badging and an individually numbered console with Camelback silhouette artwork.

The Legacy of Indian Red

The Indian Roadmaster Elite’s custom tri-tone paint scheme ties back to the roots of Indian Motorcycle with its rich red hue.

Indian Red first debuted back in 1904 on the iconic Indian Single motorcycle, nicknamed the “Camel Back” due to the shape of its gas tank. This distinctive colour has adorned Indian motorcycles ever since and has become an integral part of the brand’s identity.

The 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite pays tribute to this legacy with its modern interpretation of Indian Red executed through the multi-stage candy paint process. Accent colors like black and Championship Gold added by hand elevated the traditional red to an even more stunning effect.

Bespoke Badging and Artwork

Along with the beautiful exterior paint, the Indian Roadmaster Elite features exclusive badging and artwork that cement its status as an ultra-premium touring bike.

Elegant “Elite” model designations accompany the traditional Indian headdress logo. The tank console has been custom-engraved with a Camelback silhouette, celebrating the first Indian Red bike.

These special touches remind riders and onlookers that this is no ordinary Indian motorcycle. Artistry and attention to detail shine through across the entire Indian Roadmaster Elite.

First Class Luxury Components

The Indian Roadmaster Elite is equipped with a lengthy roster of elite-level components to provide supreme comfort across thousands of miles in the saddle.

A colour-matched heated and cooled leather seat pampers the rider. Backlit handlebar controls allow easy operation at night. The high-powered audio system with LED interior lighting transforms each ride into a concert on wheels.

Additional accessories like custom saddlebag spotlights, polished rider floorboards, and rear passenger armrests complete the upscale touring experience. No detail has been overlooked in making this Indian’s cockpit a first-class touring environment.

One of a Kind Collectible

With a limited worldwide production run of just 350 units, the Indian Roadmaster Elite is sure to be a sought-after collectable. Each bike receives a unique serial number and certificate of authenticity.

Rather than being a static showpiece, the Indian Roadmaster Elite is designed to rack up serious mileage out on the open road. But its rarity and elite status will make it highly coveted among Indian enthusiasts and collectors.

The lucky few who get to own the Indian Roadmaster Elite will appreciate how its hand-crafted custom details tell a story and reflect the heritage of Indian Motorcycle. This bike is rolling art that provides an unmatched touring experience.

Pricing and Availability

The 2024 Indian Roadmaster Elite starts at an MSRP of $41,999, which represents a premium of about $9,000 over the standard Roadmaster model.

However, considering the custom paintwork, exclusive components, limited availability, and elite styling, the pricing seems more than fair. Most buyers would spend far more trying to replicate this package.

Production of the 350 Indian Roadmaster Elite units begins in late 2023, with the first deliveries to Indian dealerships expected in early 2024. Interested buyers will want to connect with their dealer ASAP to get on the reservation list before they’re sold out!

Celebrating India’s Rich History

The Indian Roadmaster Elite beautifully meshes heritage design cues with modern technology and materials. It is a rolling tribute to Indian Motorcycle’s iconic status in American motorcycling culture going back nearly 120 years.

While celebrating the past, this special edition Indian also provides an unrivalled touring experience. It allows owners to chase horizons in first-class comfort and style.

For riders seeking a truly exclusive collector-quality motorcycle straight from the factory, the Indian Roadmaster Elite checks all the boxes. It’s sure to provide endless adventures on the open road while turning heads wherever it goes.

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