Zardari Gets into Trouble in London Hotel

London: Ex-President Asif Ali Zardari with his companion Dr. Asim Hussain remained safe in London Hotel named Hyatt Regency Hotel.  Five Star Churchill Hotel had been rocked by gas explosion in kitchen area in midnight. Fortunately, Asif Ali Zardari was not present at that time of pell-mell condition. He was out of Hyatt Regency Hotel, The Churchill. They were quickly shifted to another Five Star Hotel with his companions nearby in Portman Square in London.

Gas explosion left all guests shocked and stranded, and they had to move from Churchill Hyatt Regency to Marylebone Hotel in London due to building collapse. Total five hundred guests suffered due to this accident.  The exact place regarding gas explosion remained suspected as some reporters were saying it was not kitchen but in the basement.

The emergency service London Fire Brigade said that total five out of fourteen were Badly injured people sent to nearby hospital and they were all hotel employees not guests ones. Guests were also very upset due to their flights, their clothes and their luggage as a whole.

Churchill Hotel is very renowned in Pakistan community in London city. Most of the Pakistani officials stay in this hotel when they come in London regarding state affairs as Pakistani High Commission gives preference to stay here due to its competitive rates.

The sitting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif does not stay in this hotel as he prefers to stay at the residence of Hassan Nawaz’s apartment in London. But the rest of the members of delegation stay in Hyatt Regency Hotel. The ex-government delegations also used to stay in this hotel as well.

London Fire Brigade with its colleague Metropolitan Police started to investigate seriously to find out the original facts about the explosion. They further added that they were just waiting for emergency services to get out the people who were injured and frightened due to this horrible incident.

The whole institutions that were directly related to this incident in London city participated whole heartedly and did their best to sort out the complications aroused in hotel. All hotels in London and around the world should adopt the latest ways of services to avoid any inconvenience.



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