Zakir Naik decently replies to student

Dr. Zakir Naik, surely understood religious researcher of Islam again gives a response to one Hindu understudy who got some information about the butchering dairy animals. As per him, he was an understudy of MBBS and he knows exceptionally well as individuals can live without eating meat of creatures furthermore can have solid lives without it. Along these lines, here was the inquiry as when it is a bit much for human wellbeing so why Muslims does this practice.

It was extremely awesome inquiry from his side according to Dr. Zakir Naik and he additionally comforted him as it was exceptionally pertinent inquiry to the given theme. As indicated by science, he was correct and science additionally talks about it as individuals or person can live without eating meat of creatures however here is the something else which should be shared.

As per science, the force that is required for doing diligent work just comes in the wake of eating meat of creatures. Creatures have part of force in their meat which can be used by individual when they eat its meat generally to spend ordinary lives there is no utilization of meat in the whole existence of person. That understudy additionally asked is it sensible and sensible to butcher the creatures just to satisfy the essence of taste buds.

Dr. Zakir Naik endorsed in respectable way furthermore said as a Muslim can be exceptionally immaculate Muslim even by being an unadulterated vegan. As per him, he said as there is no verse or word in the Quran and the Hadith as it is mandatory for Muslim to eat meat in the event that they need to be a decent Muslims. In this way, he additionally shares of Verse of Quran which is placed in Surah Ma’ida, the part number 5 and Verse no 1.

As per Zakir Naik, Allah says as you can have all creatures which are legal for you (Muslims) with the exception of the individuals who are prohibited to eat for Muslims. He encourage says some different references from Quran as Allah says as Allah has made creatures for you so you can eat the meat of those creatures. He encourage says when Allah has said part of time in regards to the eating meat then why ought not we (Muslims) do it.


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