Young American Girl with Longest Tongue

One young American girl with the name of Adrianne Lewis has claimed as she has the longest tongue around the world. According to her, she has four inches long tongue and can easily touch her nose, elbow and chin. She not only has the unique ability to touch all said body parts but also can touch her eyes as well.

This reptile like abilities put her in the frame of celebrity as her name is considering for Guinness World Records. Guninness World Records management is just checking previous data in which last updated longest tongue is recorded about 3.9 inches. Nick Stoeberl is the name of that record holder.

According to that Young American Girl, she is inherited in this field as her whole family members have long tongues. She also cited about her great grand and grandmother and grandfathers who were gifted with this quality. She said she used to enjoy in her elementary school where she had lot of recreation for others by using her long tongue.

When that Young American Girl felt about her extraordinary ability she took decision to appear some bizarre shows that are wholly supported the guys who have some different abilities. She applied lot of time but could not get response. She also applied three times in Guinness but the reaction was the same.

She decided to launch herself on youtube and made her pictures with long tongue tricks. She was shocked after having very amazing response. She got famous within no times as she had 250 viewers in one day. She also uploaded more her videos on youtube and got more response and now she has about 855 followers.

That Young American Girl says as she also has some negative remarks which she got from youtube as people said to her it was impossible to do. According some private sources, there are also some rumors as she has some offers from unethical movie makers but she did not notice on that offers. Adrianne Lewis says that she has some comments which are little uncomfortable to her but she just deletes them and moves forward.

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