Wrong Deed committed by Companion of Prophet Muhammad

It was the region of Prophet Muhammad when one companion of Prophet Muhammad came and said to Prophet Muhammad he had committed a wrong deed of extramarital relation and started to demand for punishment. Before coming to Prophet Muhammad that companion of Prophet went to Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique who advised him to beg forgiveness from God but in vain.

After having advise from Hazrat Abu Bakar he did not have any relief on what he had done he again turned to Hazrat Umar R.A and also got the same answer as he got from Hazrat Abu Bakar. But he had some guilty in himself and was not having any calmness and wanted to achieve something through which he could get relief.

Then he went to another companion of Prophet who said him to go Prophet so he did so. When he arrived to Prophet Muhammad he at once started to say about his wrong deed which he had done. Prophet Muhammad did not notice and turned away from his face and said you have done nothing but he could not understand.

He again came before the face of Prophet and repeated his sentence again and again Prophet Muhammad turned his face from him and repeated his sentence as you did nothing. It was seemed as the companion of Prophet did not understand the whole scenario and he again repeated his sayings but Prophet again neglected him and said you did nothing.

When the companion said it fourth time, Prophet Muhammad got stable with grief as he did not want to punish and wanted to spare him. Prophet Muhammad again tried to spare and asked from the people is he all right with his senses and people replied he is very well without any problem. Prophet did not stop on this and again asked from the people is he smashed.

People again replied he is not smashed he is mentally active. Then Prophet  said to fulfill the order of Allah and sentenced him. When Prophet got about that companion who advised him to go Prophet Muhammad, Prophet rebuked him on his advice and said you must not give him this advice. So we can see how our Prophet is polite towards us and we always ignore his sayings and never follow him appropriately.

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