Wonderful sermon delivered by Tariq Jameel

New Delhi: Maulana Tariq Jameel is a very renowned Muslim scholar not only in Pakistan but also in the whole world. He shared story of Hindu girl who embraced Islam secretly. She was punished by her family members especially from her father and uncle. But after punishing that little girl they were also converted to Islam very soon.

Undeniably, it is the naked reality that no religion competes with religion Islam. Islam’s principles are acceptable at every place around the whole world. Even science itself could not negate to Islamic rules and regulation that are proved beneficial to human being scientifically.Many scientist have been converted to Islam only due to have observations on natural subjects. They admit publically that Islam is the real and true religion in the world. There is no need to see the miracle of Islam with naked eye; it can mesmerize one’s whole life when one will take little interest to know it.

The whole discussion of Maulana Tariq Jameel is revolve around one little girl of 16-year-old named Hira. Islam changed the whole life of this young girl when Hira was converted to Islam. She was a member of Hindu family in India and tried a lot to keep it as secrete but fragrance could not be stopped to spread.

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Her father and uncle came to know that she is no more a member of Hindu family and it disturbed them a lot. Firstly, they tried her to get back in her previous religion but she refused. So they warned her if she did not abandon the new religion she would have to accept severe punishment.She was very much determined and stood against her family. They decided to give her sentence in the form of death and they did so. She said only one thing at the time of death, “do not waste your life and embraced Islam” to her father and uncle.

Her father could not sleep well after her daughter death. He listened screaming of her daughter, so he decided to embrace Islam. He told the whole condition to his brother who took him to Muslim scholar in New Delhi where he converted to Islam. So he was died after two days of embracing Islam.Her uncle also embraced Islam when he faced the same situation that was faced by his brother. He saved many Muslim school children and tried to compensate what he did in his previous life with Hira.

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