Wonderful Prank made by European female

It is very wonderful prank which is made by one European girl on road. talking about the prank, it is called as a mischievous acts which may be on phone or practically with their beloved mostly and sometimes with strangers. Talking about very old prank as to talk something wrong on phone and putting whoopee cushion is counted as very old ones.

Describing different types of pranks we share some with you as if someone call as a policeman to one of his best friends and asked him about his deed what he has done in the last night. In this way, that friend would definitely be worried about his last night actions. So in this way, this call would be called as prank call towards his best friend.

There are numbers of pranks in the world in which some are taken as mean and even dangerous and on the other hand some are taken as silly and ridiculous. According to rules of prank, some people do different pranks with their beloved ones and some do the same things with those to whom they dislike the most.

Some people also derive the meanings of prank as it should be funny but never it be harmful for others. Those ones like to have fun with the people whom they know and with whom they do not know but they do not want to be harmful for anyone of the world. They do pranks just for the fun and like to do at same sequence.


In the given video, one can easily examine how one European girl creates fun with different people when she starts to call different people and invite them to hug with her. At the same time, when people come to her while crossing the road that girl is changed with another old women. When those men near to him, they totally get surprised to see the old woman.

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