Wonderful Prank leaves astonished in France

One wonderful prank is made on the roads of France which has been too much viral on social media like google, youtube, dailymotion, facebook and other internet portals. In this famous prank, directors and the actors did their best and did not leave any single indication as it is prank. They have all done very well in this prank and marked it as wonderful one.

It was very difficult and tough acting which is done on the roads of France. According to some analysts who have their strong experience in this filed, they said as it was not an easy task to perform like this. According to them, it demands for weeks and months to make these types of pranks.

People who are involved or hired for this job seem very professional who did not commit any mistake while acting. In this prank, one can easily see as there are numbers of actors in it who are hired to act and they all seem professional after watching their acting. It seems as it would be proved as the world’s best prank in the world.

In the very first part of the prank, there are numbers of people who seem to be going to have their daily routine jobs. One of them ask something from one person and he tries to give him answer but there is another scene created which leaves him shocked. In between the negotiation, that person fells down at once without replying anything.

In the meantime, he sees that every person to whom he sees they are started to fell down badly and in approximately five seconds all persons are fell down everywhere. Actually it was the prank which was not in reality and organizers told that man later after completing the prank. At the same place, they did the same experiment with others including male and female.

They also recorded all scenes which they had done with all candidates especially of that girl which got too much nervous after having the unbelievable response from the people. But, in the end, she started to laugh and she had understood the all game. This prank was enjoyed by the citizen of France and they had no objections on these types of activities which provided them rejoice and happiness.

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