Wonderful Performance in Got Talent Show

London: Simon Cowell is the man who created this monster named Britain’s Got Talent which has become too much famous not only in whole UK and Europe but also in the whole world. Bullen Jonathan is the name who is directing this show and getting praises from the audience. June 9, 2007 was the first day of this gigantic show when they started to get auditions from different cities of UK. Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amenda Holden were decided for the judges Panel.

Britain’s Got Talent show is being hosted by two big names Declan Joseph Oliver Donnelly and Anthony David McPartlin in UK. For the contestants it is compulsory to perform before audience and the judges. One thing that is appealing for everyone that there is no age restriction to join this show. Only the talent is everything which matters to get in this big show. The show management managed trips to get the talent to different cities in UK including the historical city named London.

During first season of Britain’s Got Talent, they moved from city to city like Manchester, London, Birmingham and Cardiff and selected the contestant for its first season. This time, Paul Potts was the name who won in first season in 2007 who was perfected in opera singing.

All seasons are very famous and it mesmerized the people in the whole world even Asian people liked it so much. The big cities of UK gave amazing response to this show like London, Birmingham and Manchester.  Amenda Holden and Simon Cowell are still working with this mega project and performing their duties. The one name who has left this panel is Piers Morgan.

If we talked about all three judges, they were also enjoying the whole performance. The peak time arises when Suleman’s co partner entered on the stage having a floor sweeper in his hand. The first part of performance was at the music but in the next part the music replaced with Punjabi song when his sweeper partner started to dance. The whole performance was worth-seeing and the judges liked it very much and they gave him green signal for his next performance.

Suleman Mirza is also the citizen of London City who came in Britain’s Got Talent and left all people shocked and amazed with his performance. One can see how he performed wonderful performance and how the people praised him after getting the video clip from internet portals. He selected Michael Jackson’s dance steps and managed those steps with ease. Even the crowd was stunned to see it and they started to cry and applauded a lot. Here we are placing another video clip link right below that is also amazing.


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