Wildlife of Monkey and Crocodile

Talking about the wildlife of Monkey as it always remains very naughty and full of laughing. No one can forget the monkey’s style in Jungle or in any zoo elsewhere around the world. Wild monkey always has its impression in the viewers mind as either it would fight with anyone or would be trying to create some hilarious scene in its surroundings.

Now taking about the ongoing season, only little quantity of water in mud shape they have for their recreation. At this crucial time of weather season all the wild animals have to live in these bitter conditions like in mud water which most of time is found in huge quantity.

There is very poor condition which is recorded by cameraman due to fewer quantity of water in which deer are being hunted by lions when they come down there to drink water. Mostly animals have no way to reach out of this water source and losing their lives.

In the given footage, one can analysis how hot day of summer season in forest as every living body want to come close to water. There is only one pond with muddy water and a group of monkey is trying to reach water due to thirst. But, on the other hand, the pond is full of wild crocodiles that are also the stake holder of that pond.

A monkey comes close to pond for water and suddenly a crocodile catches monkey in his jaw. This is a big shock for other troop members of monkeys. They start attacking crocodiles in pond. One by one monkeys attack crocodile to release their fellow monkey from jaws of enemy.

Very strange wildlife can be seen in this footage in which wild monkey and wild crocodiles are stated to fight when one monkey come close to pond having one sip of water. One crocodile attacked on that monkey which was very shocked for all community of monkeys. All monkeys started to save their fellow from the strong jaws of crocodile.


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