Wildlife in Africa Gets World’s Attention

Few months ago, a fierce battle was seen between two wild animals in Kruger National Park that park is attributed to wildlife. Kruger National Park is situated in South Africa and it became the national entity of South Africa in 1926. Limpopo and Mpumalanga are the northeastern provinces of South Africa where this Kruger National Park is situated.

This fierce fight raised a buzz in the ears of wildlife lovers especially when they saw the video clip of fierce battle between two wild animals, one African lion and buffalo. This video clip took no time to get viral after its releasing. Social media was the medium by which it got too much viral. In this clip, there was a quite unique thing which made it viral and viewers got astonished.


Talking about African wildlife, people love to have their journey in African areas so they managed their tour to Africa just to have single look of African lions which are very famous. One father and his son also arranged a tour to Africa and got the ticket of Kruger National Park in South Africa. They went early in the morning just to have very natural views what they desired.

When they started to enjoy in the park they saw two wild animals fighting against each other. One was African lion and the other was buffalo as lion already had brought down one of his prey after having a fight of 45 minutes. That African lion already was very tired and when he saw another wild animal coming to him he got ready again to fight.

So that African lion started to fight with another buffalo but could not maintain his ferocity as that lion was tired. At times that lion had to run when lion saw third one buffalo coming to him to fight. So it was amazing news for everyone as how is it possible that one lion is running back leaving his prey behind.

Both father and son recorded with their cam the whole scenario and enjoyed a lot. Most of the people from around the world arranged tour to Africa to have such events in their life. African countries are famous for its wildlife and forests. African lions and other wild animals are in abundance in these African countries.

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