Why Social Media is Too Much in Lives

Undoubtedly, today is the life of internet in which people started to use Facebook, twitter and WhatsApp which are collectively called as Social Media. There was a time when there was nothing like this and people only used the telephone for their communication. Off course, it was also the fastest way  of communication but today’s social media is too much fast from oldest ones.

The importance of social media can be judged as there is no coming cell phones in the market which is devoid of these social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Even the lowest rates mobile phones are also composed with these applications otherwise those are not sale. Where there are many disadvantages of these devices and applications of social media there are also many advantages of this.

Before the arrival of these applications, people used lot of money to chat with their beloved ones who live and earn their livelihood in abroad. Now people do not consume even extra penny and chat with their beloved ones which prolonged hours to hours. It is not enough they also enjoy while seeing their sons, husbands and brothers.

On the other hand, there are also many disadvantages of these devices, students remain intouch with these mobile phones and have started to take less interest in their books. Parents have started to take pain somewhat extra in this regard. Parents also have been fed up with this habits of the students who even want to carry their mobile phones in colleges and universities.

Social problems also have been raised to at dangerous level only due to these mobiles and social media. Due to the latest facilities in these applications, our new generation started to cheat with their parents and especially with themselves. there are numbers of cases which have been reported in which very students of early ages found to be guilty only the use of these devices.

Talking about social media, everything comes on the market before time which still yet to be discussed by the authorities but in the morning it becomes viral. People also admits there is no control of the people on social media. Given video clip is also the example of the worth of social media which is the rehearsal footage of actress Neelam Munir and perhaps she herself did not know about this video clip.


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