Why social media going Ahead

Now a days people are using Social Media for their purposes whether it’s talk about the good thing or it talks about the commercial purposes. Every side of the world is going to be filled with social media. For every purpose people go at social media and started to get comments or leaving comments.

It is going to become a habit of the people even people has started to share their personal things on internet portals like google, twitter and facebook. It seems as it gives them relief after using these internet portals.

some people think it belongs to our new generation but it is not different without old generation. It is just like a virus which has been spread equally in all ages.

Firstly people used to play games when they were busy like cricket, hockey, football etc but now a days grounds are going to be empty and mobile phones are very busy. People has started to take responsibility to upgrade their status on social media and they do it very responsibly.

Although they definitely have no care of their own personal work of their own home but they have to upgrade their social media status. This habit is going to be out of control and there is no remedy which seems yet for the survival of our generation.

Given video also example of above said sayings as one company also using social media for its product publicity and they just upload on social media. This video has gone viral and everybody wants to see as it is pictured very wonderfully. It is a commercial of one optical company who has made this commercial very wonderfully and amazingly.


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