Why Pilots will not fly aircrafts

Few years back, one of private channel of India reported about the pilots when they clearly denied flying the aircrafts which were used to train the new comers. They told the reason why they were not taking the risk to have a flight on the stage I aircrafts as those aircrafts had met with numbers of crashes in those days. This news got too much viral due to the one aspect as new badge were coming in next two weeks for training.

That private news channel reported very restlessly and told the condition of their major air aviation department preparedness desperately. According to the news channel what would be the condition of that important sector which directly belonged to the nation as its officials had no proper arrangements for new coming trainees. At that time, this matter left a great question mark on the efficiency of that department.

On the other hand, the aircrafts which were present those were not able to use and pilots were also had reservations to fly those aircrafts. In 2009, they had some example of crashing of those aircrafts as one wing commander and one squadron leader were out of their lives due to crash. In those days, another crash incident happened in which one woman of air force academy lost her life.

So according to the air force resources as they already told the management about the lethal condition of their aircrafts as more than 100 engines of aircrafts were out of orders. So those were all not able to fly as officials also had no other proper alternative of those aircrafts. In this situation, there was a big problem created as how they would train those new coming cadets who were many in numbers.

Another problem also created right at that point when the families of all pilots strictly stopped them to fly those technically failed aircrafts that might get their lives so easily. So there were also other recommendations also passed at that time as air force officials asked them to use the stage II aircrafts for new trainees. It was the direct violation of the training procedure as it was not mentioned in the charter of trainees.

There was another big vacuum that had also been crated as the responsible officials also reported that they did not have enough trainers to train the new ones. So it is very shameful for such institution that is considered a backbone of the country and without this institution no country can image to survive in this world confidently.

Indian Pilot refuses to fly aircrafts

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