Why necessary to see one’s fiance before wedding

Undoubtedly, there are number of married couples who are suffering their relationships currently and on speedy track to divorce with its horrible consequences. If, for a while, we review on our ways of thinking, we can easily put our married life back to the right track. But, this thing can only be happen when married couples want to be united and reconciliation sincerely.

If we observe most of married couples there will be one thing which proves fatal for their relations that is as both act with each other like adversaries not like partners. Sometimes, husband behaves with their wives like bosses or masters not like husbands and lovers which create differences in their relationships. They must treat with each other like lovers and husband should give gifts of diamond ring or jewelry sets off and on.

Talking about some wives who behave like strangers and have their feelings like they should squeeze out everything from their husbands and they never show any contentment towards their husbands. They should change their behavior and should give respect to their husbands. Wives should also understand the economic conditions of their husbands and never demand out of their resources. They never demand for necklace, ear rings or bracelet if their husband could not afford those things.

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If we search in the religion of Islam regarding married life, it gives us so many wonderful ways to live happily for married couples. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the main teacher, preacher, guider in the religion Islam who guides us in every aspect of life. He also tells in his personal life how we should behave with our wives and with their relatives.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) encourages to married couples live happily and also encourages to husbands to give gifts to our wives what they want. Either it may be jewelry sets or ear rings or any other gift which they like. In the given footage, one of best scholar is narrating how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to love with their wives. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) love too much with their wives as he used to bite at that same place from where his wife used to eat.

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