Why ISI Ranked at Top in New York City

Washington: One of most famous news resource in New York City named American Crime News institution published report on the efficiency of intelligence agencies around the world. This unique report was made in 2011 and published across the world. One can also have his reach after searching in google search engine. Intelligence institutions work for its government. There are many functions which are being performed by intelligence agencies to safe the country.

Analysis, Collection of information and intelligence reports are the stuff which helps for intelligence agencies for national security, enforcement of laws and defense. Intelligence organization of each country has its own dimensions to work and also has international networks. Working people in these organizations called agents which have been devoted all his life for the sovereignty of the country.

Talking about the report of New York News agencies in New York City, CSIS is placed at 10th number due to its efficiency which is Canadian agency. Headquarter of CSIS is in Ottawa, Ontario. The building structure of this agency is relevant to CIA of USA and MI6 of UK. ASIS is at 9th number according to the report of American News Agency. Headquarter of ASIS is located in Canberra City of Australia.

RAW is placed at 8th position due to its working efficiency. This intelligence agency was made in 1968 to protect national interests. The most resourceful intelligence agency was placed at 7th position named Mossad which belongs to Israel. BND is German Spy Agency that was come into being in 1956 after World War II. Headquarter of BND is in two cities of Germany named Pullach and Berlin.

France intelligence DGSE ranked at 5th position and DGSE headquarter is in Paris. Russian intelligence Agency was at 4th position in 2011 according to the report and its headquarter situated at Moscow. The intelligence agency of United Kingdom was ranked at 3rd number after analyzing its efficiencies during previous years. MI6 headquarter is based at London City, the capital of UK.

The intelligence agency of USA was placed at 2nd position that also belongs to American Crime News institution in New York as it is its country’s agency. But there is no doubt left after having the detail of this list as Crime news agency put at the first position ISI. ISI still holds this position in international intelligence chart as this report is talking about 2011.

Purpose to discuss all top ten agencies only to tell their readers how big economically countries are included in this list but Pakistani Agency is at the top of the list. Given video clip is telling the superiority of this agency as his worst enemies are helpless to admire it. One Indian agent is admiring ISI in his conversation and accepting as no one other agency is better than ISI especially in proxy wars. This is why one of American news agency in New York City put ISI at top without any prejudice and injustice.


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