Why Earthquakes are coming so Frequently

The thing which demands for attraction from every Muslim as why earthquakes are coming so frequently now a days. When the incidents of earthquakes happens everybody start to say as it is a process of dislocating of plates under earth. Nobody even the latest technology has power to stop it for its very dangerous behavior.

Scientists also give logic about the earthquakes as narrated in upper paragraph. They also report as it is only one of dangerous catastrophe which cannot be examined before time. Only few minutes before, it can be told to people about this dangerous move around the world. They still are struggling to find out some proper solution to cope earthquakes.

Talking about natural point of view, only animals and birds are the ones which can give the signals for this calamity. According to science, only these animals and birds are started to move restlessly before few minutes when earthquakes come. Yes, scientists only have these signals just before the earthquakes come and nothing else.

When it talks about the Islamic ideology, there is a very famous incident which was happened in the region of Hazrat Umar. Hazrat Umar who was the second Caliph of after Hazrat Abu Bakar after the demise of Propeht Muhammad. English scholars say about Hazrat Umar if Islam produced another Umar there would be no religion except Islam.

Yes, it is the introduction of Hazrat Umar when earthquake came during his reign, he hit his lash on earth and it stopped. Hazrat Umar said some words to earth as why it was shaking while Hazrat Umar was making justice on it. In Islamic point of view, people’s deed directly related to catastrophe and calamity.

Islam also tells as the catastrophe would definitely be increased when the people are distracted from their own religion. Islam strictly advice to Muslim to stick with their own religion Islam otherwise they should ready to face calamities like earthquakes and many others. People should abolish all activities which does not relevant to Islamic preach otherwise nobody can stop these calamities to come.


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