When One Hero Dog saves New Born Baby

Yes, this incident happened in Thailand when one new born baby was left in roadside rubbish dump. One dog jumped in this whole story like a hero and picked him up from there and saved her life. Clever dog found that new born baby in a plastic packing on the top of that dump.

Dog named as Pui was out there to have the routine daily walk when it was found on dump having plastic packing in Bangkok. Pui just picked her up with his mouth and started to move towards owner’s house. When he placed her on the doorstep, started to bark loudly just for getting attention.

When they found their dog to do something weird they immediately turned toward him and shocked after seeing that new born baby. They did not wait of anything and abruptly rushed towards hospital for the life of baby.  They succeeded to get in emergency on time.

According to paramedical staff, new born baby was in the condition of prematurity with having only four pounds. Government authorities are still trying to find out to parents while medical staff still on their duty to care. Baby’s health is said to be very good by the doctors.

Going back towards Pui, it is said it is very fortune as Pui takes the baby at home as he never took anything at home in the previous life. He only assigns himself to bark at strangers either out of the home or at home.

It is also being said as there are about five families who have contacted with the authorities to adopt that new born baby. But authorities are still trying to find out the actual parents for the baby. If they fail to do this, they would definitely give the child to one of five families after a proper paper work.


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