When one gets rid from Capital Punishment

It seems quite strange when one gets rid from capital punishment right at that time when he is being gone to hang. It was the incident that belonged to Iran where one mother forgave to her son’s murderer at the time of capital punishment.  According to her, the idea to pardon came in her dream.

According to reports, her woman’s son was stabbed during street brawl at his age of 18. The lad who said to be done this also very close to him and had the same age. Both were barely out of teens when the incident happened in the street. The boy who had lost his life was the second son of his parents.

Actually, parents also had lost his other son in a motorbike mishap. It is said as mother was furious at funeral ceremony and was determined to hang the assassin. So, as the date of execution was coming nearer, the mother saw her son in her vivid dream who was asking her mother to forgive.

When renowned news channel’ reporter took interview about her brave gesture, she told it was unbelievable to convince myself to forgive but the repetition of her son in her dream made me to do this. According to mother, he again came two days before from the day of execution and repeated it.

To forgive someone from capital punishment is just like to give new life and she did the same with that lad who assassin her last son. She also mentioned when her son came in her dream last time he also refused to talk to me until I forgave that lad. She also added she was full ready to hang him but she could not.

After this event, the whole media from around the world started to cover that old woman who had forgiven the capital punishment of her son’s assassin. She remained in the main headlines in media not only in her own country but also in international media.


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