When MM-Alam put down five Indian Jets

It was the time of 1965 war between India and Pakistan when MM-Alam showed valour and put down 5 Indian Jets in one minute. It was very high time for Pakistan to prosperous as it was growing with speed but some of opponents fully ignite to India to attack on Pakistan and so India did but could not achieve its purposes.

In this war, regarding air fight, Pakistan Air Force put down about 110 Indian Jets and Indian had only 18 Jets that were destroyed. So after this statistics, one can easily imagine as Pakistani Pilots did not face any difficulty to beat India not only in air to air combat but also on ground level as nobody could forgot the big battle of tanks at Chawinda City in Pakistan.

Talking about the history of these two countries, they always have been opponents of each other having so many causes, one of which very known that is Kashmir Issue. Some resource also reports as the war of 1965 also started due to Kashmir issue. Including 1965 war, Pakistan and India both have fought about three wars at full scaled level and many more on lower levels.

Talking about the Air Force of Pakistan, it always has proved itself a stronger shoulder of Pakistani army and never let it down. In 1965 war, Pakistan Army had upper hand on India only due to skilled pilots who always provided full support to their ground forces.

Given footage is of that brave pilot who performed really very well on his side and put down five Indian Jets during war time and engraved his name in the books of histories. According to him, the soldiers of Pakistan Air Force always thought how they would fight against India if it started as Indian Air Force had more fighter jets than Pakistan Air Force.

He reminded to all of us after this big event when he wrote a new history with his bravely and valour, all Pakistani pilots became brave and had a new wave of bravery in their souls. It was not easy to put down Indian Jets but Allah helped Pakistani nation with the hands of MM-Alam and he became national hero forever.

Video Link: http://pakkinews.com/?p=1159

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