When Jinnah Gets Appreciation by Indian Politician

Muhammad Ali Jinnah had such a charming personality in the Sub-Continent as no one leader looked like him in his era to till date. He not only received admiration from his loves but also from those who wanted to kick him back in England. So that they easily could get the rule over the whole Sub-Continent that was seemed impossible. One time came in the life of our superb leader when he got fed up by the behavior of Sub-Continent leaders.

So Muhammad Ali Jinnah came back with new determinations and started his work from where it was left. In England, it was Allama Iqbal who agreed him to come back in Sub-Continent for the brighter future of the Muslim. So thank to Iqbal who also had grief for Muslim nation. Iqbal also has played very dynamic rule by his Islamic poetry for the elevation of Muslim nation.

Jaswant Singh is a Hindu Political Leader in India who has confessed the charismatic personality of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in his book. After writing all this, he faced too much criticism even form his party members. In one of the best show of India, he again admired Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the same pattern as he did earlier. In the given clip even anchor of the program did not like his style of admiration.

On the other hand, in one of the best program in Pakistan, Jaswant Singh got appreciation over his braveness. As it is not easy for a Hindu Political Leader to praise Muhammad Ali Jinnah due to old rivalry but all Pakistani media admired it a lot. Even after writing a book on Muhammad Ali Jinnah without having any biased thinking, he was treated as a Hero in Pakistani Media.

He also said about the Muslims of India that they are being treated as aliens. So when it was asked to Jaswant Singh in this video clip, he did not refuse for anything what he said earlier. He again said that he is right and things are going in the same pattern against Indian Muslims as he has given the statement regarding Indian Muslims.

In the end, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the man of parts and he had no resemblance in his class. He always left all his rivals answer-less and proved himself as a good fighter against aggressor. Muhammad Ali Jinnah never let his rivals to play with himself politically. He never ever used any cheap tricks to get success in his life either in politics or in daily routine works.

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Image Source: indianexpress.com

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