When Girl’s Car breaks down on Road

To help others is called humanity but it should not have any choice of male or female for help as when girl’s Car breaks down and she finds many people for her help but on the other hand, the same scenario happens with the man, he finds nobody around him. Even he remains under the car for 30 minutes and remains alone without any helping call on the road. People just watched him under the car and slipped away.

Actually it is prank which was decided by one person to act just to have the experience what people do with the male when he is captured by a trouble and what they have feelings for young girl when she faces the same situation. So he took a car on the road and pretends as his car has been out of order and he is gone under the car to check the problem. It was very hilarious situation as he waited there for 30 minutes but did not listen any call for help.

People just noticed him under the car and even single person did not call for help and go on moving. He was also sure that nobody would help him. But the scenario might be different what if he would have been a girl. So he decided to check out this funny side of this thought he decided to wear girl’s make up and he did.

Would you believe what happened next? When she goes under the car everybody wants to help her. Not only the young boys but also the middle ages men were the part of that helping sector and asked her for help. Even the vehicles also started to slow after seeing a young girl under the car. Motorcyclist started to stop near her and called her properly for help but she did not notice anyone.

During this time it might be possible, a big traffic jam problem created as young boys on bikes, cars even heavy vehicles started to stop just for the help of that young girl. Young boys started to gather around her not so closely but having the distance and seemed as they were planning for help for that young girl under the car.

After seeing the complete video clip, one can have the understanding of our generation who is ready anytime to help for young girl but did not want to help young boy. In the video it is clear when she was under the car, some young boys started to make MMS of her position. So here is the big difference as man was waited for 30 minutes for help under the car on road but young girl stayed there in the same situation just for 5 minutes and traffic jam situation created.

Video Link: http://pakkinews.com/?p=726

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