When Five Indian Jets got smashed

It was the time of battle when five Indian Jets smashed by one of Pakistan fighter plane that was being controlled by MM Alam. MM Alam was that pilot who engraved his name in history by getting this victory. This event happened in the war of 1965 when Indian army secretly attacked on Pakistani borders.

It was the time of growing and prosperity for Pakistani nation when some of Pakistani opponents urged India to attack and tried to ruin Pakistan but in vain. Talking about the relation of Pakistan and India, both countries always have been enemies for each other from the day first and it was done by proper planning by English ruler who created problems between both nations through improper divisions.

When India dared to attack on Pakistan secretly, Pakistan government was not informed about Indian army movement completely so it was the address of President of Pakistan which awoke all nation and stood in unity against its enemies like iron wall. That address would always remain in the good books of Pakistan heritage.

Talking about Pakistan Air force, this wing of Pakistan army never let down its nation whenever it needs to show valour. At the time of 1965 war, it was air force of Pakistan which helped to keep away its enemies from the borders and defeated all the air force attempts of opponents. This force not only did well in its sector but also provided full support to its ground forces.

MM Alam was one of those soldiers who served his duties for the sovereignty of Pakistan and never hesitate to offer his life for his country. It was not only by words but also he proved in the war of 1965 in which he fought with full valour and bravery. MM Alam was the only one who crashed five Indian jets during the time of war within one minute.

According to MM Alam, he said before war all soldiers thought how they would be able to compete with Indian air force as they had superiority in its every sector especially in jets. But when soldiers saw this event they all became emotional and felt a new wave of valour in their souls. So they fought with brave against the enemy and win the war.

When MM Alam got win against his opponents

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