When Dog Saved New Born Baby

One dog becomes hero when he saves one new born baby in Bangkok, Thailand. That dog named Pui was gone out for routine walk and found one new born baby on roadside rubbish dump. Pui found baby on the top of dump which was wrapped in plastic bag.

It was the first experience to carry anything with his mouth for Pui, as he never did like this in his whole life. Pui gently picked her up and started to rush towards his owner’s home. He started to bark loudly right after reaching at the doorstep just to get the attention.

Video Link: http://pakkinews.com/Acf25

When they found their dog to do something weird they also got worried and rush towards him. They were all shocked to see the plastic at their doorstep. When they started to open the plastic bag they had no limits of astonishment as they had one new born baby in it.

They rushed towards hospital emergency after having this situation without any delay. Paramedical staff said it was premature delivery with having only four pounds weight. Local government authorities started to uncover the parents of that baby who did this foolish thing.

Talking about Pui, it was the first experience to carry anything with the mouth.  According to neighbors, he only thinks to on people either outside the home or inside. Talking about the new born baby, there are about five families have contacted with hospital authorities to adopt the baby but they are still trying to find out her actual parents.

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