When Commandos foiled the plan to Hijack Pakistani Plane

More than decade, one day of 1998 one group of hijackers did their job with excellency and hijacked the plane with 33 passengers and 5 crew members. When it was hijacked the time was about 5:50 pm and it was taken off from the airport of Gawader. When they took the charge of plane they started to shout over pilot to veer the plane toward Delhi.

The luckiest thing which appeared later as at the time of hijacking, PAF got the signals of it successfully and they had sent their aircraft in the sky. When they shouted repeatedly over pilot to turn the aircraft towards Delhi, pilot sophisticatedly told them as there is not enough fuel in the plane to go Delhi. So then the plan automatically started to fool the hijackers.

In the next moment, pilot started to talk with General Manager of Hyderabad of Pakistan and it showed to hijackers as the aircraft had been arrived in Hyderabad City of India and hilariously they also admitted it. According to some firm resources, the pilot was fully confident and was not out of his senses and remained in the condition of calm and quiet.

So it was night time when the hijackers started to talk with General Manager of Hyderabad and gave ordered to refuel the plane. The personnel who were talking with hijackers had very wonderful command on Hindi language and they were talking in Hindi language so that hijackers could not have any doubt about their plan.

In this whole process, the management of whole city, SSP, ASP, DCO was gathered there and they powered off all lights which could provide some clue about Pakistani territory to the hijackers. They also blocked all the ways who were leaded towards airport. It was not enough they further instructed to the nearest mosques’ managements not to give Azan on loud speakers.

Then SSP and ASP of Police department decided to go in the plane in order to fulfill the demand of water and food. When they arrived in plane they disguised wonderfully and adopted the look of Indians and also started to speak Hindi. They succeeded to evacuate the children and women from the plane but not the males.

After evacuating the children and women, they decide to start their operation with the help of SSG group who firstly parked their vehicles in front of plane to refrain hijackers to again fly. Then they entered from the front and backend in the plane and overcome the control from hijackers within two minutes. One of hijacker attacked on police officer but fortunately he remained safe. So in this way, with a wonderful teamwork our forces got succeeded in this crucial task.

When Pakistani Pilot and SSG commandos did their best

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