When Celebrities Come Close To One Another

One of famous Model who is very renowned in her country starts to tease one of renowned politician named Rana Sanaullah. It was the show which was recorded in respect of “Eid” in which both the famous model and the politician were invited. It is going to be in practice now a days as numbers of channels have started their formats like in which they invite to celebrities.

People also like to see fashion models and other renowned personalities to whom audience like to see and listen them. Most of the time, the organizers of these shows like to invite to top fashion models especially female fashion models in respect to enhance their shows’ ratings. Consequently, it proves right for the shows.

Video Link: http://pakkinews.com/?p=841

Talking about the recent trend, it shows as the every media channel is adopting the same way to promote its shows. They mostly invite two personalities in which one belongs to politics and the other belongs to fashion world. In this way, they succeeded to get their desired ratings and it also does not look awkward.

In the given footage, one renowned politician can be seen with another most famous models named Natasha Hussain. After watching the whole video, it seems as both are very familiar to each other as Natasha behaves with Rana Sanaullah.

But, on the other hand, Rana Sanaullah seems somewhat reluctant and avoid to give as proper answer as he used to give in political shows. off course, he always proves very good politician in political shows and never let himself to go in the list of losers.

On the event of “Eid Show”, this famous model stats to tease Rana Sanaullah and demands for “Eidi” in respect of money which is usually given to children in Muslim community. So in this respect, she demands for “Eidi”in the show lot of time but he did not pay attention at all. So in this way, very interesting situation was developed in the show and remained till the end of the show.

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