When American Welcomed President Ayub in Washington

It was the day of July 11, 1961 when President Ayub Khan landed at Andrews Air Force Base close to Washington DC and warmly welcomed by John F. Kennedy, the President of USA with her First Lady named Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy. John F. Kennedy was that President of USA which was later assassinated. That was the day with full of sorrows and grief for all American people as well as the rest of the friends’ countries around the world.

At the time of arrival of President Ayub Khan with his daughter Begum Nasir Akhtar Aurangzeb, they received a huge mob for their welcome as it got printed in the pages of history. There was no full stop seeming in this historical welcome, President Ayub also delivered a speech to the joint session of Congress and got standing ovation.

Thereafter, Ayub Khan also went to the New York City and ticker tape parade received them while they were sat in open top car. They also had dinner at Mt. Vernon and went to the Islamic Center of Washington. He also had a visit at San Antonio and placed a wreath at The Alamo and, at the end, got the treat of barbecue in Stonewall by Vice President Johnson.

It was the tour which got too much criticism by the scholars. It was the time of power sharing in this area of Sub-Continent. Russia was also the country that had intention to shake hand with Pakistan and it is also said that the plane had gone in the air to go to Russia but it slipped away to USA. Americans gave extraordinary protocol at the time of visit as they wanted to have their first allies in Sub-Continent.

Actually Pakistan is the country around the world that has lot of natural resources in its soil. The position of this country on which it is situated has a lot worth. It can be said that it is situated at the best position naturally. Russia initially also shared its best technology named steel technology and the plant of it was installed in the big city of our country.

According to the scholars, if President Ayub Khan planned in better ways and gave time to their cabinet to think about the both sides (USA and Russia) then it would be definitely better for today Pakistan. So the historical visit in Washington of our leaders proved wrong after some time in battle field with neighbor country when Americans did not help us through their Flotilla.

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When American Welcomed President Ayub in Washington

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