When a group of Skydivers Survived Miraculously

In the given footage, it is shown how one group of skydivers turns into struggle for survival when two plane collide in the air. It was happened above the Wisconsin State. In this horrible collide, there were 9 skydivers with 2 pilots who were jumped out from planes before got engulfed into fire.

That group of skydivers was miraculously survived right at that time when their plane collide with another one. Both planes were at the height of 12,000 feet and the whole scenario was recorded by their helmet cameras. Astonishingly, each and everything was recorded in that camera when they were coming down after collision.

According to one of reporters, the adrenaline skydivers were making their homework for jumping. Some of them were also dangling on the bar of plane when they were at the height of 12,000 above the ground. In the meantime, another plane came from somewhere in the air and smashed with it.

In the footage, one can clearly see how at one moment one of skydivers jump from the plane. In the same moment, one of them who was standing behind him hold the bar desperately when plane got fire. He remained attached until the last moment then he also jumped from the plane to save himself.

It is obvious nobody can have senses at what levels to record the whole scenario but it was done by the cameras attached to the helmets. Some footage also can be shown in which one can see how plane are getting fire in the air. So thankfully, all the skydivers were down safely after facing the big life taking event in the air.

Video Link: http://pakkinews.com/?p=921

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