What Scientist say About Hazrat Musa

Paris: The scientist of France Prof. Maurice Bucaille who is the member of French Society of Egyptology has admitted the Quran’s truthfulness about Pharaoh, a notorious dictator of history of Egypt. He investigated by his means regarding Pharaoh’s history that is depicted in Quran. So he surrendered himself in front of Quran’s reality and embraced Islam.

Pharaoh’s mummy became the basic reason for Prof. Maurice’s converting to Islam. He was heading the Archaeology Center in France when he had to analysis with various scientists and anatomical on the mummy of Pharaoh. They all came to know about the mystery of mummy after having analysis on it.

If we see in the history, it comes to know that Bible and Torah did not unveil the complete story about Pharaoh. According to these books, Christians and Jews have firm believe that Pharaoh was not drowned in ocean and admit that his demise was natural.

Muslims negate this information as Quran tells the reality about Pharaoh. Quran says clearly about the disastrous of Pharaoh and his soldiers when they tried to pursue Hazrat Mosa and his followers. Quran disagrees here with other two sacred books. So after drowning in ocean, the body of Pharaoh was survived and thrown out from the ocean by the will of God.

When the people saw dead body of Pharaoh, they decided to embalm it in the temple of King’s Valley. So the team of archaeologists discovered it in the last century with other ancient rulers of Egypt. It was prominent in all mummies and seemed to be Pharaoh’s mummies.

So the government of Egypt decided to send this mummy to France for detailed analysis. Prof. Maurice with other scientist started to examine thoroughly and they reached at one conclusion. They announced that it had been a part of ocean as it had salt on its body parts. So it was proved scientifically by French scientist that Pharaoh was not died naturally.

The conclusion was very shocked for Prof. Maurice and he left for Egypt from his homeland France. He met with Muslim scientist who gave him proof about Pharaoh that was written in Quran. He was mesmerized after reading it and converted to Islam.

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