Whale Fish and Hazrat Suleman

Hazrat Suleman A.S. is very famous due to his stories especially most of these stories about the whale fish and him. There are many other stories related to Hazrat Suleman but about the Whale Fish is too much famous in Islamic history.

During his meeting with Allah, Once Hazrat Suleman A.S. asked about the feeding to His whole creatures and said to give him one day to feed to His creatures. He requested for this from Allah and asked as he wanted to feed whole world for about a month.

When Allah listened this from his Prophet, He said you would not able to do because Allah is the only one in this whole world to feed His creature and no one can do this except Allah. But Hazrat Suleman insisted to do this.

Then after a long discussion when Hazrat Suleman was insisted then Allah said to his Prophet as He would give you chance to feed the whole world for one week and it would be enough for you.

After listening all this, Hazrat Suleman said just give him only for one day to do this as he wanted to do this by giving grand feast to the whole creature of the world. So Allah gave him the permission to do this and asked to whom from my creatures you want to give feast first.

On asking from Allah, Hazrat Suleman said he wanted to invite to those who live in the water and Allah gave permission for this. At the time of feast, only one whale fish came from water and engulfed the whole food which was made for the whole creature and whale fish demanded for more. Then Hazrat Suleman realized as it is only Allah who can give food to all His creature.

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