Whale Fish and Hazrat Suleman A.S

Hazrat Suleman A.S. is very famous due to many reasons and one of them his important incident of Whale Fish. Islamic history is full of his stories which were made in his reign. The most famous and interesting story we are going to discuss below.

One day, Hazrat Suleman A.S. asked to Allah as He is feeding to all the creatures of the whole world form the day first. So Hazrat Suleman requested to feed all His creatures for a whole month on which Allah replied him in negation and said it is impossible.

According to true story, Allah replied it would be hard nut to crack and you would not be capable to do this. But Hazrat Suleman insisted and wanted to do it once and said please gave me chance only for seven days but once it should be he requested again and again to Allah. Then Allah again reduced the days and said it would be more for you.

Allah gave His Prophet to fulfill his wish but for one day. Then Hazrat Suleman said OK he would now give a very big feast to Allah’s creatures of the whole world. Allah asked from Hazrat Suleman which creature you would like to invite for first, from water or land.

Hazrat Suleman replied he would like to invite first the creature of water. He managed so long dining table which was too long as if someone start running it would take 30 days to cover it. Allah gave order to water creature and sent Whale Fish on His Prophet feast. Whale Fish came and engulfed the whole food which was made for the whole creature and started to search more as it was feeling appetite.

When Hazrat Suleman saw the whole scenario about the Whale Fish, he realized as it is only Allah who can provide food to all his creatures as nobody can do this on the earth. He thought if only one Whale ate at this ratio then what would be the matter with others who were at waiting list.

One True Story of Hazrat Suleman and Whale Fish

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