Weird Things Happens during Animal Slaughtering

Some weird things happened while animal slaughtering on some religious events. People like to slaughter the animal on the religious events and it is religious duty of every Muslim around the world. These slaughtering events occur on the big religious event named Eid-ul-Azha. People appreciate to do these activities on these events.

Given footage is related to animal slaughtering in which one cow animal is being slaughtered and during the time of slaughtering some weird things noticed. In the event of Eid-ul-Azha, people love to slaughter the animal on this precious religious event. Muslim community does these activities on these events.

When people slaughtered the cow it started to say something which was echoed as somebody is saying the word of Allah which was very curious for all the people. It was definitely very curious for all the Muslim Community when they heard about this event.

The video became viral on the social media when people listen about this precious event. People started to search this video on different internet portals like dailymotion, google and facebook. People love to see this video around the world and it became viral in few days.This slaughtering cow grab the attention of the whole Muslim community and people started to spread this video around the world.

When other people of non Muslim community listened about this event and they shocked too much. They also started to search that slaughtering cow video on the internet portals.That animal slaughtering video became spread around the world and non Muslim also fascinated after having the full view of that video. It left the whole other communities in amazing conditions and people were also shocked and they started to search on the religion of Islam. If they search on the Islamic material they definitely would find some wonderful results which would amaze them.


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