Wedding Helps to Keep Away from Wrong Acts

Wedding is too important in one’s life for every man of every society. No one can deny the advantages one can achieve after getting marriage. There is no society found around the world which is devoid of the concept of wedding. Wedding style may differ from culture to culture but purpose is almost the same. In civilized societies, wedding ceremonies get much attention and families are fully involved in this whole process.

After having a brief analysis, it comes to know there is no religion in the world that is devoid of it. Every religion draws attention of its believers for weddings. It gives some proper methods of marriage ceremony and force to do it when youngsters get the age of wedding. There should not be any carelessness in this matter.

Islam is the religion which gives to its believers too many reasons to have marriage at time. According to Islam, it helps to prevent the wrong deeds in the societies. There are number of problems which found in societies only due to mishandling to this matter. Islam orders to its believers to wed their children at appropriate times to avoid any problem from their children sides.

In the given clip, one preacher is also preaching about wedding ceremony and telling briefly how Muslim couples should develop their relations with each other after wedding. In his sermon, he is also focusing on the living style of couples as they both must cooperate with each other in their private life. Islam also gives rights to both (Husband and Wife) and tells the wonderful ways to spend their lives happily.

Muslim families who live in Western Countries like in USA and European Countries are facing the problems in this matter. They have no control over their children especially when their children get the age of adolescence. Western countries laws do not allow them to force their decisions on their children especially in the matters of wedding ceremonies.


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