Voice of Ambulance produced by Girls

Now people have no need to wait for Ambulance coming to them by using the Roads. Some Life Saving Lovers have created a new form of ambulance that is more responsive and more incredible than rest of the ambulances in the world. It has no need of Road to reach for help. One can give the name of Drone Ambulance to it. Yes, it is Drone Ambulance that is made by Dutch student in Holland. It is especially designed for the patients of heart attacks for quick response.

In European Union around 800,000 people become the patient of cardiac disease which of them only 8 percent come back to their lives. The main purpose to design this device is to minimize the response time of ambulance as the road ambulance takes minimum 10 minutes to get the target that is insufficient to rescue the heart patient.  Whereas the heart patient can easily have attacks of brain stroke and other fatalities in 4-6 minutes.

On the other hand, it is more perfect device as it receives the emergency calls and uses the GPS to get the target. It is a device like helicopter in its resemblance and also has the capacity to have the first aid medical stuff in it. This drone device can move at the speed of more than 100 km/h.  By the use of this speed of drone ambulance, it can save the lives about 8-80 percent. This device also has camera in it through which a paramedic can watch the patient easily. Paramedic can easily instruct the people who are with patient to help him out.

Few days ago, I saw a promotion clip of this device in which I saw that one girl was calling to emergency service for her father who fell down with the pain of attack heart in a shopping center. The operator told her not to worry as he had sent the drone ambulance at her doorstep. It was really awesome that drone was at its target within few minutes.

Here I want to mention the one thing that the operator did not ask her the address as he just listen her call and sent the drone the ambulance. Actually the operator had the technology to know the location of that affected girl. So he found the address by using the GPS technology and sent the ambulance on its way to provide the first aid as soon as possible.

Furthermore, it was also seen in the video clip that at the same time drone ambulance got ready and set off to its target while the operator was getting information from the affected patient’s daughter. The operator was not only there to receive the calls but also had the knowledge and expertise to give instructions for affected ones as a first aid.


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