Viral video clip which never seen before

There are many moves made by Hollywood but this viral video clip has mesmerized people too much. Talking about the movie named Vertical Limit that was on air on December 2000 had left many people in astonished form. The producers of this movie put their maximum effort to make it top level movie in Hollywood.

In this movie, for the first time introduced some gases to rescue the climbers who were trapped in an ice cave. That ice cave is shown near to K2. When it becomes impossible to rescue them the hero of the movie gathers a group of six people as volunteers to save those who are in ice cave.

The whole group also has some dangerous liquid to break down the freeze ice that sometimes becomes difficult too much. It is used during climbing time to time during mountain climbing. They also have to save themselves from avalanches which come off and on during mountain climbing especially when the targets are so steeped.

This movie did not explain about that liquid if it got uncontrolled then it might be harm to those trapped ones rather than rescue purposes. Talking about the climbing is like disaster when storm closes in and wind starts to bring wreak havoc. During this time, avalanche may occur due to heavy wind and wreak havoc.

Annie, Tom and Vaughn these are all the names of the characters which are used in the movie fall though a hole and trapped in a crevasse. The remaining volunteers are no more due to this liquid which is placed in the luggage for cracking the big ice at the time of need.

There are many scenes in this video that are amazing but there one viral video clip which left astonished to all its watchers. That viral video clip is about to jump from one mountain to another that seems very risky but it is done by the hero.

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