Very Different Experiment on Carnivorous Plant

For the first time, one scientist did very different experiment on carnivorous plant which left him in astonished form. When it talks about the scientists the first thing which comes in mind is about experiments hypothesis. Scientists have very different thinking from normal citizens and always ready for adventures.

When it talks about the carnivorous plants which is also named insectivorous plants they have very different feed behavior which distinguish them from all other plants. Carnivorous plants have very different and special tracking organs which attract the insects differently. They have its special parts called carnivory which have evolved long time ago from several families.

According to scientists, carnivorous plants have about 600 recognized species with many diverse groups. Talking about the conspicuous trapping method, it consists of modified leaves which play important role for feeding purposes. Carnivorous plants are very unique in its style of feeding.

Talking about the organs of trapping mechanisms, these parts are very plane and visible with naked eyes. One of carnivorous plant is called pitcher plant which has long hollow type pipe and there is a wide part of leave situated on it. The upper part plays important role to attract the insects for feeding purposes.

After having these features of feeding styles, one scientist did very different experiment with one of carnivorous plant. He placed one cigarette on its upper part and it started to suck the cigarette which was very curious for him. He amazed with this behavior of that plant. He also recorded all the events of his experiments and shared this experiment on social media.


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