Valor of Army Officer on Social Media

This footage became viral on social media when one army officer was sharing his valor with his countrymen on one of famous TV channel. In general perspective, army is taken as a symbol of valor and bravery that is very trained and skilled to protect its country from its enemy in different occasions.

Every country gives lot of respect to its army officers and loves too much to those who remain ready every time for sacrifice and demand for nothing for this biggest forgo. They spend their most of precious time during protection of our beloved country and never have any complaint for all this.

Talking about the different forces’ skills around the world, the forces of Pakistan are counted on top of the list in recent rankings. They consider the best with limited resources around the world and also have won meddle in this regard in recent competition in which many other army forces had taken part.

Given footage regarding valor of one of army officer which became viral on social media at time when he shares the story with his countrymen in one of TV Channel show. He describes all the story how he alone has fought with 150 army officers of opponent.

People appreciated him a lot after listening the whole real story in which he pushed back all the enemy army and did not let them in the territory of his country. People started to praise him on the social media when it became viral on social media. That army officer was also admired by his regiment.

People love with his army and army officers a lot of but people of Pakistan love the most to his army. They express their love by using social media especially facebook and other internet portals and never miss any occasion regarding army.


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