Valley of Miracles near to Madina Sharief

Here we are going to discuss valley of miracles where miraculous events take place which commonly called as Wadi e Baiza in Saudi Arabia. Valley Baiza is also known as Ghost Valley by the native people in Saudia Arabia. People come in this valley and enjoy a lot after seeing some unnatural events.

Valley of Miracles has lot of wonders in it as if somebody put his vehicle in neutral condition, it automatically gets start to move. The most amazing thing about this event as the vehicle gets started to move upward on the road which is impossible in real life.

In normal life, everybody can observe as the vehicles can never move upward in neutral form but in Wadi e Baiza all vehicles move upward. People who go in Madina they definitely want to see that valley of miracles near to Madina Sharief. They go physically there and repeat the whole procedure by their own and get amazed.

This miracle is not limited to vehicles as people also drop some water on the road and they again got amazed. Water also started to move upward rather downward. Although water has its instinct to flow downward everywhere around the world but here all formulas about nature seem dismissed.

Some people also code some incidents of Prophet’s ear when some Jews seized the camel of Prophet at this point and did not let it to go. Actually Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sent his camel for one patriarchal who was badly ill. He was instructed to drink milk of that camel to recover his health.

So when camel stated to move towards Prophet, some people of that tribe tried to stop that camel same at this point which is called as Valley of Miracles. In this place not only small vehicles but also big buses also move upward automatically without any effort which is really amazing.

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