Unforgettable Moment of France

Charlie Hebdo Magazine is under attack in France in which numbers of people have been lost their lives. This incident happened in the big city of France named Paris that is very popular city in the world regarding its historical buildings.

Charlie Hebdo Magazine is much disputed due to its contents and it always shattered the emotions into pieces of religion-loving people. It did not even spare to Judaism and criticized all the religion all around the world. It always promotes the ideologies of left wing people and supports them a lot with its magazine contents.

This magazine started its company in 1970 in the city of France named Paris. It first time became disputed when it published racial material against the religion of Islam and shook the whole Muslim world badly.

The Government of France did not take serious steps against Charlie Hebdo over its non-serious attitude toward religion Islam. They further increased the fury of whole Muslims by giving the very immature statement that it is all about the freedom of expression.

This magazine again jolted the Muslims of the whole world on 3rd November 2011 and published objectionable posts on its content. Due to very racial attitude, the whole management had to face many dangerous events in their lives from the people of affected religions but the pace remained same.

Charlie Hebdo organization had many threats due to their bold working style and they also had taken precautionary measurements to avoid any unusual event. But one day two or three people attacked on the people who were working in the office by which the very notorious cartoonist also lost his life.

The chieftains from all around the world condemned this brutal activity in France. David Cameron the Prime Minister of England also has released the statement of condemnation over this horrendous event. John Kerry the secretary of Unites States of America also condemned the whole brutal event.

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

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