Unconditional Love in the World

Mother love plays very important role to shape cultures and individuals in the society. While mothers also have it in their minds how important their affection and emotional availability are to their growing toddlers. The selfless profound love of mother cannot be understood by many people as they get it easy. The long-lasting mother’s impact considers essential too much for our developing young children’s habits. They do their efforts to teach children their lesson of first love.

If we look inside about our experiences we will definitely get success to identify those special places which we all have reserved for our mothers later or sooner. If we talk about the professional counseling then we will realize that it remains devoid without our mother’s special part. It is also valuable in the rest of globe as it demands no money or anything else in reward.

One of most important ingredient in our mother’s affection is emotional health that is achieved only by their pure love. It also does not match with any other emotional belongings as it unique in its purity. If we talk about orphans especially from mothers’ side they have such a huge gap in their life which never fills up. They never ever can have that affection that they miss in their childhood.

Affection of mother’s love is considered to be essential for trust building with a firm foundation in their whole life. According to some experiences, if children got their love withheld they remain in search of that throughout their life. That foundation of emotional love which our children get from mother at home is very rare and limited to mothers’ love only.

Given video also tells the real story of Mother’s Affection as one girl is describing the whole story of mother how she asks to his son when he lives in abroad. Very decent and attractive poetry that is sung by this girl in which she is beautifully throwing light on the conditions which one faces in abroad. She describes only mother asks her son whether he has got his meal or not otherwise remaining people just ask him about the money.

This poetry very beautifully describes the mother’s affection and lover that she has with his son. Only mother asks him to come back while others just ask him to send money more and more according to the video. It is very perfect situation depicted by poet which reflects the present conditions of Sub-Continent people.

Video Link: http://pakkinews.com/?p=577

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