Unbelievable Activities of US Army

USA: In United States of America, there are so many institutions working all the time and US Army institution is one these institutions. There are only few armies in the world who are competent at extraordinary level and US Army is of them.US Army institution is working in many cities of America for training purposes of young army candidates.

US Army trains its soldiers through the program named United States Army Basic Training which has too much significance for the new ones.This basic training is composed of two other sub training called as Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training.


Basic Combat training period prolongs for ten weeks in which all army groups are bound to joint it at any cost.Advanced Individual Training is the next period of Basic Combat Training in which numbers of training sectors are involved. US army selects the officers with their specific qualities and sends them to their specific fields.These two training programs are too important for the US army offices due to its uniqueness.

In first training batch, there is one sector that remains attached throughout the training process called Drill Sergeants.Drill Sergeants are responsible for everything happens during the training process. They are responsible for the safety of new recruits. They are also called as Smokey Bear due to their specific appearance by using the hats over their heads.

In the given video clip, you can see that in what ways an US Army instructor is instructing about fighting skills during war time with bare hands. One male and female army officers are getting tips comprehensively from his instructor.

To get extraordinary fighting skills are as necessary as oxygen to live. Due to these qualities, US Army falls in top ten armies in the world. USA is also known as Super Power in the world due to remarkable skills of its army.

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