Umer Shareef makes Fun of Amitabh in Award Show

Here we are going to discuss very important incident of Umer Shareef in one Indian Award Show. He himself is sharing his event when he was invited in one of Indian Award Show. He went there and joined the award show. According to him, there he noticed one thing about Amitabh as everybody was talking to him to say nothing about Amitabh during the show.

According to Umer Shareef, he became very curious about the thing why they were all talking to him to say nothing about Amithab Bachan. He said he decided would start his talking from Amitabh putting aside all the requests from different persons and so he did. He also reminds as Amitabh Bachan has effect in whole Bollywood and nobody can go against him.

It comes seldom when Pakistani actors or actresses are invited in Indian Award Show due to old rivalry. But, they create very unique atmosphere whenever they are invited by the management of different award shows. Sometimes award shows are established within India and sometimes out of India.

People of both countries also enjoy a lot whenever the actors of both countries are united and love it very much. The ratings of those shows crate a distinctive difference rather than those which are devoid from these actors. Now a days, some Pakistani actors are also going for working purposes in Bollywood and getting success.

Coming back to the topic, when Umer Shareef got the position of anchor he first jumped on Amitabh and started to mock with him. He also enjoyed it all when he listened something different from him. It was all the praise for Amitabh but in hidden words. People are praised or criticized who have fame. There were also so many celebrities there in award show.

According to Umer Shareef, he requested to Amitabh and Dharmendra to say at least one dialogue of Sholay movie. It was the biggest movie in history which was ever made in Bollywood. They did it and in response Umer Shareef adopted himself to act as Amjad Khan, the villain of the movie. The act of Umer Shareef was very hilarious which they had to be deleted.

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