Umer Akmal badly smashed by lady in Oslo

Umer Akmal was badly insulted by one lady named Rachel Khan in Oslo. This news was broken by Express news channel. They also took online that lady who insulted Umer Akmal badly. She said it was the event in Oslo, Norway when they were there with other artists.

According to news channel, there was an event which was managed by the government of Norway in Oslo. The event was named by Play for Peace and there were many artists and cricket players were invited in it. Most of the celebrities were belonged to India and Pakistan.

According to news channel, Rohit Sharma who is the main player of Indian Cricket Team and Mahima Chaudhry who has been also a part of Bollywood, both were invited in that event. Many others celebrities were also invited but previous said were the main ones.

From the side of Pakistan, there were numbers of Pakistan Cricket Team players also invited like Shoaib Akhtar, Abdur Razzac, Misbah ul Haq and the most talented Umer Akmal. According to reporting, all players firstly played a match for noble cause then gathered to have musical night.

When they gathered for musical night, Umer Akmal started to tease Rohit Sharma and Mahima Chaudhry. They both got rid from him by some ways and then he turned towards Pakistani cabinet. There after reaching inside the cabinet he found one beautiful model named Rachel Khan.

According to Rachel, when he went closed to her he started to tease her. She asked him to stay away from her but he could not understand. Then she slapped him and he was on the ground. The management of event organizer in Oslo came there and took Umer Akmal away from her.

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