Two Females Convert to Islam in USA

New York: The event of 9/11 was too much shocking for everyone not only for the people of USA but also for the people around the world. It shook all the civilizations and societies around the world. Till now, there are some people who are facing and bearing the results of that incident not only in USA but also in the whole world. This horrible incident happened in New York and left many people sad for their whole life.

After this incident, there were many things that were noticed in USA. The most common aspect was about the close study of religion Islam. People started to know about Islam after having too much name of “Islam” in their daily routine life. According to one private channel of USA, there are about 6 million people in USA who are converters. One female named Elson is one of them. She completed her conversion ceremony after saying Arabic phrases three times and then in English by repeating it that is known as “Kalma”.

After some moments of her conversion, she also married to a Muslim man. She told one of news channel reporter that after a long time she was looking for something. She stated that she used to felt that something was missed in her life and then she said it was “peace”. On asking her, which thing appeals her to convert to Islam she said immediately it was only peace which she was searching for.

She offers prayers five-time a day as she has firm believe it stop spiritually to do wrong deeds. According to imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf many people are converting to Islam due to its publicity. As it is going into the public, people want to know about it. Islam has been more prominent in USA after 9/11 incident. So people come in the circle of Islam and after having answers of their questions they convert to Islam.

Barbara Cartabuke is another lady who has been converted from Roman Catholic into Religion Islam. She also decided to convert after seeing the response of people toward Islam after 9/11. She also wanted to know about Islam. She says after embracing Islam she has been successful to get direct relation with her God. She further explained during her previous religion she was unable to connect with God.

Barbara Cartabuke shared her experience and said that her family supported her too much. According to her she is very happy being a Muslim. Many people who are living in USA are converted to Islam. One survey in USA tells that in last ten years there are about 4 million people have been converted into Islam only in United States of America.

Two Females Convert to Islam in USA

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