Truth behind Peshawar Massacre Incident

Pakistan is facing the worst days of history from the day of independence. Peshawar massacre is the recent example of it. After seeing all these impediments in the peace process of Pakistan, one question arises in people’s mind what hidden powers are trying to create the pell-mell condition in the country. Why it is only Pakistan in the Muslim world that remains victimized from such hidden hands.

In this context, if you see in the Muslim world, Pakistan is the only Muslim country that holds the nuclear assets to make its defense unconquerable. Undoubtedly, Pakistan is not as well-off as other Muslim countries in economic point of view to achieve the technology of nuclear assets but somehow it has become the 7th atomic power of the world.

They said that if they do not succeed to eliminate Pakistan till 2030 then Pakistan army will take over half of the Europe. The secret report compiled by the agencies further revealed that the whole map of the world will be changed by the year 2030.

There are ten countries including Pakistan that will lead the world. This terrifying report has exposed the reality of Zionism to the world and if the somehow Zionists get success to achieve its objectives then the future of the world will be doomed.

Pakistani Army Forces and its nuclear assets are the only hindrance in the way of Zionists that can disperse their dreams to rule the world. They are definitely not capable to have direct combat with Pakistan due to its nuclear assets. Therefore, they have launched a series of proxy wars to destabilize Pakistan.

Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is one of these proxy wars and they are using extremists against Pakistan Army effectively. This monster is haunting Pakistan badly and since the incident of Peshawar massacre Pakistan Army in collaborating with government has taken few serious actions to eradicate it and the nation is backing Pakistan Army.

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